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Valid XHTML 1.0 Made with CSS This site was created using only standard, valid XHTML 1.0 Strict markup and valid CSS2 style sheets. Scripting was written in PHP. The header and navigation are off in separate included files and the navigation uses PHP to determine where it is in the site. All coding was done by hand using either BBEdit on a Mac or the "joe" editor on the server. All graphics were created with Photoshop. The photos of Buddhist and Chinese figures throughout this site are from my own collection and were taken with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel. The random quote on the home page is chosen using the old BSD "fortune" command.

This site runs on Ubuntu Linux in a Proxmox KVM virtual machine.


Server:Dell PowerEdge 2950
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Operating System:Ubuntu Linux 12.04 LTS
Web Server:Nginx 1.1.19
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PostgreSQL 9.1.24
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