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Here's a small selection of artwork I've done over the years. As you can see, my favorite medium is Watercolor. Chalk Pastel comes in a close second. I never liked doing oil or acrilic all that much, so you won't see any of that here. Click on the thumbnails to see them at a larger size.


Here's to Memories Here's to Memories

This was my first real watercolor. I had dabbled with the medium previously, but this was the first serious attempt at a painting. I made this when I was 16. I painted a lot of it by candle light sitting at the piano in my parents' basement on which I had set up the scene. (43 Kb)

Dying Light Dying Light

This painting was also painted in the dark, with only the light of the flashlight. I did this one the following year. It was set up on my parents' dining room table. The rose had been given to me a week before by my future wife Ginny. (50 Kb)

Tree Trunk Tree Trunk

This is a tree that lives in Cherokee Park in Louisville. I did this back in '89. Even though it was stripped of all its limbs, it was still kicking. Notice the leaves growing on the other side of it. (69 Kb)

Pink Rose Pink Rose

This was one of the roses from my mother's rose garden in the spring of 1987. (54 Kb)


A Protrait of Reality A Portrait Of Reality

Yes, this was my perception of reality as a teen. This was my one and only etching. Etchings aren't very fun to do. They take too long. Especially pulling the prints. I had planned on making 100 prints. I only did 3 <grin>. (123 Kb)


Portrait of Susan Cox Portrait of Susan Cox

This is a portrait I made for Tom Jecker of his significant other, Susan Cox, back in 1988. (76 Kb)