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Beliefs should be like fluid entities within the mind, some malleable and doubtful, others more viscous and certain. But feeling certain should never be confused with being incontestable. Once a belief is allowed to solidify, it becomes like a shackle on the mind, inhibiting exploration, learning and growth. A fluid mind should never allow a belief to be so hardened that it is beyond rational scrutiny. A fluid mind always invites rational examination upon even its most cherished convictions.

Random Quote:

“As we survey the vast universe with all the physical instruments as our disposal, probing the minute space within each atom and observing what happens in the enormous regions beyond our galaxy, we find no objects behaving in a manner not described by the laws of physics or moving in response to forces that cannot be detected by ordinary physical means. Physics experiments give no hint of forces in nature outside of those observable in the physics laboratory or in stellar objects. In short, we find no evidence for the supernatural.”

—Milton Rothman