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Beliefs should be like fluid entities within the mind, some malleable and doubtful, others more viscous and certain. But feeling certain should never be confused with being incontestable. Once a belief is allowed to solidify, it becomes like a shackle on the mind, inhibiting exploration, learning and growth. A fluid mind should never allow a belief to be so hardened that it is beyond rational scrutiny. A fluid mind always invites rational examination upon even its most cherished convictions.

Random Quote:

“To be both a defender of science and a critic of science, to ask more explicitly what kinds of things distort our views of nature and of society, I think in a way makes us better scientists. In a lot of ways that traditional view of science as purely objective is dangerous in that it’s a lie to ourselves collectively and to us as individuals. If we believe that we are unbiased, I think we’re kidding ourselves. I think the best way to get closer to objectivity is to be honest about our biases so we can present those to other for critique and we can present them to ourselves for critique.”

—Richard York