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I'm in the process of getting some of the things I've written to a state presentable to the masses. Only a few things available so far:

pg_maint – A nightly backup and maintenance script for PostgreSQL that I use on all my servers.

mysql_maint – A nightly backup and maintenance script for MySQL that I use on all my servers.

scr – A small Perl script for easily managing screen sessions.

Command Line Script Setup – A small code snippet to make CLI scripts more managable. Availble for Perl, Bash, and PHP.

bash-prompt – A small C program, for Bash's PROMPT_COMMAND option, that displays the hostname and current working directory on the left of the screen and the time and date on the right of the screen.

EmailHandler.php – A PHP class that provides standard functionality for creating and sending an email message using the UTF-8 encoding for the message body and all headers.

JavaScript Functions – A random assortment of useful javascript functions I use in my applications.

LastUpdated – an old CGI program written in C back around 1998 that checks the last modified date and/or size of a file on the server and displays it in a specified format.